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*39. Thank you for the session we had on Monday Night. It was amazing and inspiring. I have studied a lot of the teachings you follow but have always found a missing piece somewhere. I would never have imagined that it was pieces of my soul that were not with me.

From the moment we met the energy and unconditional love I felt was phenomenal. We sat and spoke to you as if we had been friends for years. It was so easy and seemed so natural that I found peace in just being with you.

On the Soul Retrieval side, it is almost impossible to describe the feeling of serenity and peace in dealing with everything from my past life. I have not allowed myself to shed tears for more than 15 years due to a deep seeded belief from people in the past.

The amount of emotional release I had in that session was out of this world literally. It was not anyone, emotions of anger, sadness, joy, and happiness, it was simply about the release.

I had a few people who have had a hold on me in this lifetime and have not been able to understand why. The amount of peace in my life from that moment has been divine.

My eldest daughter was one of the people who came through and after the forgiving process with her, our relationship has been 100 times better and filled with more patience and understanding.

Papa, you have a gift and anybody struggling with anything wanting a true feeling of peace and unbelievable belief in themselves should spend some time with you.

Thank you and may you be filled with abundance, peace, and blessings.

Gregg Van Notten


Hi Papasabal,\


*40. I thought that our first session of past life regression was amazing and helped me but nothing could have prepared me for the second session!

You have been fantastic – I now understand so much more about my life, feelings & phobias.

The changes I have experienced have been mind blowing….I am looking at life from a totally different angle….. the sparkle is coming back!

I came to you for help and I most definitely got it. I am looking forward to another session with you.

Thank you so much.

Denise Renton

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*41. “I was facing a situation in my life where there was too much confusion and I needed clarity. PapaSabal did the PLR with me and he was awesome.

I was skeptical at first, prior to going for the PLR session as I had been for one before (with someone else) and it didn’t quite work. Also, I believed that there may be a possibility that I would not be able to see anything and if I did see something it would probably be my imagination or emanating from suggestibility. I was wrong.

During the session, I was able to see a past life which relates to or is connected to what I am experiencing right now. On that level, I was able to “work” on myself as well as my partner in terms of forgiveness and now the situation has improved. The problem is still there, however, I am now able to deal with the issue from a different perspective.

On a soul level, I was able to accept/forgive what had happened, which in turn has enabled me to now accept and let things be in this lifetime. As such the situation I am facing now has changed tremendously for the better.

Papa was more like a friend than a person providing a service. He is friendly and his willingness to help others is truly admirable.

He is selfless and has shown that there are spiritual workers whose primary reason for doing this type of work is to genuinely help others and not only to profit in terms of financial gain.

Thank you Papasabal, for helping me deal with this “situation”


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*42. Soul retrieval, what a wonderful experience!

Papasabal, you are a truly gifted healer with all the qualities one can wish for: wise, powerful and warm-hearted.

Again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have created for me a space in which I felt completely safe and could relax deeply. And once you re-integrated all my soul parts I had a unique sensation of completeness and joy.

Looking back to our session in the Peruvian rainforest camp where we met October 2010 I am grateful for this beautiful experience and encounter with you that has been one of the most valuable gifts in my life.

All the best for your future and hope to meet you soon again!

With much love and light,

Adriana Gröning

Utrecht, The Netherlands


Dear Papasabal:


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*43. I met Papasabal at an energy healing course he presented in Randburg a couple of months ago. I entered the course with a backpack of personal issues on a spiritual quest to find some meaning in my life. As the course progressed I was intrigued by what Papa could do to help me with depression which was depriving me of many pleasures in life and I was on high doses of tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

I made an appointment with him not knowing what to expect and if anything could help my depression. As soon as I met him for the healing, he made me feel at home and complete ease. He did a Soul Retrieval.

Left in a state of pure bliss that day and my depression has not returned. Yes, I do have some down days, but that is normal and nowhere close to the pit was I in before.

About a month later I felt completely unbalanced and anxious (please note: this had nothing to do with the depression episode). I saw Papa again and he retrieved a gray mass from my body and balanced my chakras. Needless to say, I was back on cloud 9.

I have been back to Papasabal for leg and lower back pains, which he helped me with. Besides the wonderful work he does, he gives good practical advice, great knowledge, and tips that actually work!

The work that Papasabal does cannot translate into monetary value, he works with great integrity and love. I never at any point felt rushed or had a “your time is up” kind of feeling. He greatly cares about his clients and his main aim; which I feel maybe other healers lack, is to get to the root of a problem and sort it out.

His style of healing is something not of this world (my belief), uniquely and authentically Papasabal. His training and experience on all aspects of the human body, mind and especially soul is in complete balance and places him in an absolute league of his own. In fact the best healer I know of. It is truly a very exciting experience to even see his work on others, it blows my mind away!

I do not see any doctors at all anymore because I know Papa would be there to help with anything. I can strongly recommend his healing to anyone suffering from anything, it’s quite simple really. I plan on seeing him on a regular basis for additional healing problems in days to come.

I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and hope The Great Devine blesses us with his presence on earth for a long time to come.


Rene Marnewick


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